Below is a partial list of companies, schools, and organizations that have booked Tiamo for their events:


  1. ABC Studios (Jimmy Kimmel Live)
  2. Sharp Health Care (15,000 employees at event)
  3. Hewlett-Packard (HP)
  4. San Diego County, All-Staff Event (1,500 employees at event)
  5. Inspiration 2020 Global Success Conference (Shared the stage with T. Harv Eker)
  6. Ultimate Millionaire Summit (Loral Langemeier event)
  7. The Big Shift Experience (Bill Baren event)
  8. Extraordinary Coach: Training and Certification (Christian Mickelsen event)
  9. Excellerated Business Schools: Money & You
  10. Attract Customers Now (Bret Gregory event)
  11. Women’s Information Network International Conference (Shared the stage with Les Brown and Lisa Nichols)
  12. Passive Income Product Empire (Shared the stage with Dan Millman and Brian Tracy)
  13. Inspired Speaker Training (Ted McGrath event)
  14. Income Builder’s International Conference
  15. American International Real Estate Expo & Conference
  16. Joint Venture Experience (Shared the stage with Lisa Sasevich)
  17. Speak to Sell (Lisa Sasevich event)
  18. The Secret Knock (Greg Reid and Napoleon Hill Foundation event)
  19. Message 2 Millions (Ted McGrath event)
  20. PAX Programs Incorporated: Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women
  21. Association of Colleges for Tutoring & Learning Assistance Convention
  22. University of California San Diego
  23. University of California Santa Cruz
  24. San Diego State University
  25. University of San Diego
  26. California State University San Marcos
  27. University of Arizona
  28. Arizona State University
  29. University of South Carolina
  30. Virginia Commonwealth University
  31. Bastyr University
  32. 57 high schools in the U.S.
  33. Raise Your Standards Now Seminar (Sean Stephenson event)
  34. 10K Speeches (Sean Stephenson event)
  35. Nouveau Riche University of Real Estate
  36. Be Juicy! 6 Figures On Your Terms (Lisa Cherney event)
  37. Coaching Business Freedom Retreat (Christian Mickelsen event)
  38. Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities National Conference
  39. Conscious Women Entrepreneurs (Sage Levine event)
  40. Sold Out Seminar Secrets (Max Simon event)
  41. Here and Now Success Convention
  42. General Dynamics Information Technology
  43. Graybill Medical Group
  44. Get Clients Today
  45. Cracking The Confidence Code (Brandy Mychals event)
  46. Joint Venture Partnership Summit
  47. Speaker Venture
  48. The Bright Side of Everything Conference
  49. The Healing Power of Music Conference
  50. Unstoppable Live