“I wasn’t sure how well it would work out to bring Tiamo in for my biggest conference of the year. I heard great things about him, but never saw him live and this was a very important event. I decided to take a chance and I have to say that the event wouldn’t have been the same without him! His energy and Keynote Concert transformed the room into a feeling of PURE MAGIC. I kept saying, "WOW, I'm so happy I went with Tiamo!"

Since then, I've booked Tiamo to speak at 30 of my events over the last few years. Book him while you can. I'm always disappointed if I'm hosting an event and he's already committed on my dates. Now, I lock him in 6 months in advance or more to make sure we don't miss out!"


Christian Mickelsen

CEO, Future Force Inc.

I’m on cloud 9! Having Tiamo on my biggest stage in front of 700 people was an incredible experience. I would not think about doing another big event like that without Tiamo!”


Bill Baren

CEO, Bill Baren Coaching

"Tiamo, thank you for your AMAZING Keynote Concert at my live event "Be Juicy! 6-Figures On Your Terms"! You helped magnify the impact beyond measure! Your songs, stories, and motivational speaking deeply connected with my audience and transcended the event’s message in a way that was so inspiring for everyone! Plus, the original custom song that you wrote, produced, and performed live was such a thrilling surprise for the participants and an unforgettable highlight from the event! We were able to rock out and it's stuck in everyone's head forever! Thank you Tiamo for helping us create such a unique experience! I can't wait to have you back a 4th time!"

reviews 3.png

Lisa Cherney

CEO, Conscious Marketing, Inc.

"Tiamo was our Keynote Speaker at our leadership conference where he inspired our student leaders to reach beyond their limits to effectively lead their student groups. Tiamo's energy was so contagious and the students are still talking about the impact that he had on their leadership approach and way of perceiving life! He is a very gifted and loving soul who is able to spread his light across generations, races, cultures!"


Shannon Nolan

Event Coordinator (Student Life and Leadership), California State University, San Marcos

"I booked Tiamo on my stage of 100+ Women Entrepreneurs because he inherently knows how to weave his teachings about how to be an effective public speaker, a great storyteller, and a powerful performer into a delivery packed session with amazing songs and a healing experience for the entire room. The women were BLOWN away! They loved him, they're begging me to have him return, and I saw an increase in sales as a result of his positioning of my program and honoring of my clients. Now THAT is a WIN-WIN. Thank you Tiamo!!"


Sage Levine

CEO, Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy


"I was looking for an extra “something” to make my public seminar series in Chicago over-the-top unforgettable. Yet, I have to admit that I am extra selective about who I share my stage with. But once I hired Tiamo, he added an emotional dimension to my seminar that launched it into an all out “motivational rock concert”! Even after the seminar was over, the crowd stayed longer just so they could hear more from Tiamo!

Since then, I’ve hired Tiamo to speak and perform at all my other events. Tiamo captures human emotion in his songs better than anyone I've ever seen or heard. Then, with his stories and lessons, he just crushes it! Now, I'm not just a huge fan of Tiamo, I'm also a corporate consumer of his talent—commissioning his writing abilities to create 3 meaningful musical pieces that I now use in my speeches and business endevours. The downside to Tiamo is you won't be able to decide if he is a better speaker, singer, or songwriter because he rocks all angles so hard. Tiamo is your man!"

Sean Stephenson

CEO, Time to Stand, Speaker-Author-TV Personality

“I’ve had Tiamo perform at my last 2 events and I can’t say enough good things! He’s able to somehow magically take the event content and weave it into his stories and  songs and make it all fit so beautifully. I don’t know how he does it! Everyone was practically in tears of laughter and joy.

He can create this energy in the room that automatically helps people feel more connected, more bonded, more jazzed, and more excited about your event and the experience they’re having together. I completely recommend him 100%, unless it’s on one of my event dates because I’m going to get him first!

Mindie Kniss.png


CEO, Lucra

“Tiamo delivers on EVERY level! I booked him to speak at my event and the feedback from the audience was absolutely glowing! Tiamo is impeccably professional, fully prepared, with a precise delivery and easy-going demeanor that will engage audiences everywhere. I cannot recommend Tiamo highly enough!”

Jon Block.png


CEO, Speaker Venture

"Tiamo deeply touched many hearts at our international convention. Our audience fell in love with him! Tiamo is so talented, gracious, easy-to-work-with and filled with love for his audience. He's a 5-Star Speaker and Performer and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for genuine talent and a compelling, heartwarming speech and performance. Tiamo, you are such a bright light in this world!"


Paula Fellingham

CEO, Women's Information Network

“I sincerely thank you for presenting as one of our featured speakers at our women’s conference—keeping the best for last! It was absolutely beautiful how easy and comfortable you made the audience feel. Such pure joy! 

I am so glad we shared this moment in life together. You are a beautiful being. Thank you so much Tiamo!”

Liza Boubari.png


CEO/Founder, HealWithin